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Dr. Maggee Messing, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist
NJ Certified School Psychologist

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Dr. Maggee Messing, PsyD
1250 East Ridgewood Ave., Suite 7
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Phone: 201-445-2200
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I have been studying and working in the field of psychology for the past 18 years. I specialize in working with children, adolescents, families, and women. I offer individual and family therapy at my private practice. My areas of expertise are anxiety, depression, self-injury, eating disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, and trauma. My approach to treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which means I focus on the here and now while working collaboratively with my clients to help them develop effective coping and communication skills. I help them improve their ability to manage the stressors of daily life as well as their chronic longstanding stressors. I also focus on the development of problem solving skills and work with clients to help them process and effectively manage their past hurts, disappointments, and/or traumas.

The most important feature that I bring into my treatment is humanity. The key ingredient to effective treatment is having a strong therapeutic relationship. To foster this I create a safe, warm, comfortable, trusting, and collaborative environment for my clients. I strive for everyone I work with to feel that I am a genuine, caring, honest, and straightforward therapist. Furthermore, I hope that all my clients know that we are on this journey together. Therapy is not magic, it is a process and something that is forever changing. The distinctive quality that I bring into therapy is that there are always alternatives, if one intervention does not work then another one can be tried. I am a flexible therapist who is willing to change an intervention as needed and I have the training and background that allows me to have a wealth of knowledge and tools to apply. Most of all I care about the people I work with and truly believe that treatment does help and things can get better. I have a true love and passion for what I do and that is something special and unique that I can offer every person I work with.

I began my career working as a School Psychologist in the Weehawken School District. I have a Masters Degree from Montclair State University and am a NJ Certified School Psychologist. During my five years in Weehawken, I administered psychological assessments, wrote Individualized Education Plans, did group and individual therapy, and teacher consultation. I returned to school and obtained a Masters Degree and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in children, adolescents, and families from LaSalle University. I worked at the clinic at LaSalle University conducting psychological assessments and doing individual psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and women. I have also worked at a private practice in Pennsylvania administering psychological assessments, and doing individual and group psychotherapy with children, adolescents, women, and families. I worked for a year and a half at the Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Center at Newark Beth Israel Hospital where I was trained in trauma focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. During my time there I assessed and treated children, adolescents, and their families who had been victims of sexual and/or physical abuse in individual and group therapy.

I did my internship at Miami Children’s Hospital. My responsibilities included doing group, individual, and family therapy in the inpatient psychiatric unit. Running an Intensive Outpatient Program and designing and running additional outpatient groups focusing on anxiety and social skills development. I also did individual and family therapy and worked collaboratively with the Eating Disorders team. In addition, I conducted full battery psychological assessments and outpatient individual and family therapy. I received additional training in treating Eating Disorders, self-injury, and a psychodynamic approach to trauma therapy.

Following my time at Miami Children’s Hospital I returned home to NJ and worked for two and a half years at Minisink Psychology and Psychotherapy while I completed the requirements for licensure. During my time at Minisink, I continued to work with children, adolescents, families, and women in individual and group therapy as well as conducted psychological assessments and collaborated with a number of local schools. I have now moved on and opened my own private practice.

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